Africa's Children in Education

ACE Website Update

If you are reading this on the website, have you noticed the revisions? If you are reading it on our Facebook page, please go to the website to view the changes. They are not major but some of the information has been updated and a whole new gallery of photos under the title “School in Action” has been added.

We hope you enjoy looking at the new photos. There were so many it was difficult to choose. How the school has moved on since the website was first launched in December 2014. It has grown beyond all recognition. We are also very proud of our unbroken record of posting a new blog every Friday since then to keep you all up to date with progress and events both at Arise School and in the charity as a whole. 

Our very grateful thanks go to Nathan Blackburn of EasyMediaUK Ltd. for hosting the website free of charge and for doing the revisions. Nathan’s donation of his skills, time and energy means that more money is available to go directly to Arise School. Thank you, Nathan, for making this possible and for all your support.