Africa's Children in Education

ACE Christmas Well Appeal: Sustain Our School: Secure Their Future

In September, we launched our ACE Well Appeal. Now that the last three classrooms are well on their way to completion, our aim is to raise enough money over Christmas to construct a well at Arise School during 2018. A well will enable the school to begin its journey towards self sustainability. ACE will then have achieved its goal of building a self sufficient school for the community. It will secure the future education of their children.

Currently, the school has a standpipe but water is metered and, therefore, costly. Frank has turned the school grounds into a tropical oasis of colourful shrubs, plants and flowers by creatively recycling the children’s hand washing water for irrigation purposes. Banana and papaya trees have been planted and are already laden with fruit in season.

But this is just a beginning. The school has more land and the potential to grow crops if water is more readily and cheaply available. This would not only provide food to supplement the children’s diet. Any surplus would be sold to bring in income to help the school towards self sufficiency. It would ensure its long term sustainability.

From the school, the water (snow) on the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro is clearly visible. There is also water under the mountain. However, it is necessary to drill down 100 metres to reach it. So many of us are fortunate enough to take water for granted. So many of us are also fortunate enough to need nothing for Christmas.

So, this Christmas, please help us to raise the money needed to construct the well and to purchase an irrigation system. In total, we need to raise a massive £12,000. For those of your family and friends who need nothing or are hard to buy for, we can supply an ACE Gift Certificate. Just donate online and let us know whether you would like an electronic or paper copy. Thank you for helping us to make Arise School self sustaining.