Africa's Children in Education

A Student’s Perspective on Arise School 

Last week’s blog focused on an interview with Anna, the Assistant Head Teacher at Arise. This week, we bring you an interview with one of the older pupils. Jennifer, now 11 years old, has been at Arise for some time and is in Class 4. She was interviewed by Bex who, having interviewed Anna, was keen to understand what life at Arise is like from a student’s perspective. 
“Jennifer is a sponsored child, only able to attend thanks to the generosity of a donor in the UK. I taught her on a number of occasions and her lovely nature made her an absolute pleasure to teach. She’s polite, kind with her classmates and has great English skills. But what stood out most was her incredible work effort. She works her hardest no matter what the task she is set. Here’s a bit more about Jennifer.

Where do you live?
I live in Arusha with my Mummy, my Daddy and my brother. I also have a sister but she lives with my Grandmother. When I go to school I stay at the Hostel at Arise as Arusha is too far. It takes five hours to get there. When I go home for the holidays, Frank takes me.

Do you like living in the hostel?
I like living in the hostel. I like it because I can learn in the evening. I have good friends and we have fun.

How long have you been coming to Arise?

Since 2015. I went to a Swahili school before I came here.

How is Arise different from other schools?
It is better because they speak English which I like very much. 

In my old school the teachers were very cruel and they beat you. Once I got beaten because my classmates were jealous of me so said a lie and the teacher hit me. The teachers do not beat you in Arise, they are very good.

What do you like most about Arise?


What is your favourite subject?

English because there is many things to learn. I am best at it.

What do you do in the evenings and weekends when you are not in school?

My favourite is watching Cinderella. I like to play games with my friends. There is a game we play called Mingle. Someone stands in the middle and shouts a number and you must get into a group with that number of people. If you are not in a group you are out. It is my favourite. On weekends I was my clothes and wash my shoes.

Do you come to Kids’ Club on Saturdays?
Yes. I go every week. It is good for playing.

What will you do when you finish at Arise?

I will go to a secondary school.

Are you nervous?

I’m not nervous because I have learnt lots so I think I will be a good student.

What do you want to do when you are older?

I want to be a doctor because it is very good work. I can even treat people who come from far away from America and England. I want to treat everybody.

Do you remember when you were told that you would be sponsored to go to Arise?

Yes. Frank told my parents and they told me. I was very happy because I would not be beaten at school any more and I could speak English.

If you could meet your sponsor what would you say?

Thank you. Thank you very much.

(Jennifer also added later that she hopes her sponsors would like her)

What are your hopes for the future?

I want my brother and sister to come to Arise. I hope I will be a good doctor.

What things would you hope will change with Arise?

More English lessons. Also I would like to learn vocational skills like sewing and making clothes. I would also like a big library where I can read lots of books in English.”

We wish Jennifer good luck in her aspirations. If you would like to help give a child like Jennifer the opportunity of an education, please donate online now or email us at to sponsor an individual child. Thank you.