Africa's Children in Education

A New Look for the ACE Website!

Welcome to the first blog on our new look website!

In December 2014, shortly after ACE was registered with the Charity Commission, we launched our ACE website.  With a few tweaks over the years, it has served us well.  We  have posted over 200 blogs, all with photos, in order to publicise the work of ACE, raise funds to build Arise School, report progress on its development and keep our supporters informed.

Since Arise first opened its doors in January 2013 with one classroom, one teacher and 11 children, it has grown to a full school with 10 classrooms, a staff of 31 and 400 pupils.  Initially, we set out just to build one classroom. We never dreamed that it would grow in the way it has.  We wanted to try and capture some of that on the website for our supporters and others interested in the work of ACE.

Our new look website now tells the story of Arise.  We hope that it captures something of both the philosophy underpinning it and its ethos, as well as its added value in the community.  As with our original website, we wanted a happy website and one that would celebrate all the hard work that has gone into making the school what it is.  It still has every blog that we have written and lots of photos in the gallery.  In addition, there are several short videos that have been taken over the years.  We hope you will take a few moments to look through the website and we welcome any feedback.  

In particular, we would like to thank two people who have worked with us to make it possible.  Firstly, Grace, one of our ACE sponsors, who spent time at Arise talking to both pupils and staff in order to document the story, and, secondly, Nathan, who has both kindly hosted the original website over the years as a donation to the charity and, also, created and designed the new website.  We are extremely grateful to them both.  

We hope you enjoy looking at it and thank you for all your interest and support over the years that has made Arise School possible.