Africa's Children in Education

A New Definition for ACE!

This week’s blog is written by one of our ACE trustees, Alan Buckley. He and his wife, Margaret, also a trustee, have been great supporters of ACE since its inception. Alan has just completed three cycle rides, raising over £1,600 for the charity. Well done, Alan, and thank you so much for your tremendous effort.

Alan writes:

“I have a new definition for ACE!

A is for ACHIEVEMENT. What an achievement ACE has been for Sue and Ron.
C is for COMMITMENT. The commitment Sue and Ron give to ACE is remarkable.
E is for ENTHUSIASM. The enthusiasm and energy Sue and Ron have for ACE is unbelievable.

Margaret and I are very proud to be involved with Sue and Ron and with the ACE Charity.

Sue and Ron, Margaret and I have been friends for many years. Sue and Ron started their adventure in Africa, going to both Kenya and Tanzania, working in orphanages, being involved in the development and growth of the orphanages, supporting and taking the role of parents with several young people.

On their return to the leafy suburbs of St Helens, we were so inspired with what they told us about their adventures that we, in fact, joined them on two of their subsequent trips. We saw first hand the two orphanages, met many of the young people they care for and saw the piece of land that now houses the Arise Community School. We also met Pastor Frank and his family who, together, had the dream to provide the children of their community with a school and a chance of an education.

Sue and Ron shared that dream and Margaret and I have been involved with Arise School since the first foundation brick was put in the ground. We have been trustees of the charity since it received charity status in July 2014. We have supported ACE both financially and with our time and talents, in the early days with the help of Rainhill Rotary Club of which I am a member. Monies were given to ACE that helped purchase desks and chairs, teachers’ desks, roofing and other things.



Margaret and I also support a young boy who is a pupil at the school and on our last visit to the school we met him which was a joy in itself.

This summer I set myself a target of completing 3 organised cycle rides, all over 50 miles or more and sought sponsorship for this challenge. I am pleased to say I completed all three rides in good times and with the support of family and friends I have raised £1,600.

I know that every penny of that money will go to providing the needs of the school and all the children there.

Margaret and I will continue to support ACE and all that it stands for. We will continue to support Sue and Ron as they drive ACE forward, looking to achieve even more with their unrelenting commitment and endless enthusiasm.

For more information or if you feel able to support us, then visit the website”