Africa's Children in Education

“A Job with a Purpose”

Since Arise School first opened, given the lack of job opportunities locally, it has been the aim to boost the local economy by providing work opportunities at the school for members of the community.  The school now boasts a staff team of thirty two, including seventeen support staff.

Lazaro, the school gardener, is one such person.  He has been employed at Arise since 2019 and plays a key role in the school’s production of nutritious vegetables to provide healthy meals for the children.  Sometimes the children join him to learn about the vegetables and how to plant them.  In particular, his hard work and efforts are enabling Arise to become self sufficient in vegetables.  They make a big contribution towards the school eventually becoming self sustaining.


Always committed and passionate about his work, Lazaro is very hardworking.  He is also a team player and works together with the other staff.  He very much enjoys his work and everyone enjoys working with him. 

When Lazaro was asked what he enjoys most about working at Arise, this is what he said:

“I enjoy working at Arise because I feel at home and safe. It is close to my home and family, and through the job I have been given I can support my family. Everyone respects me and supports me at what I do. I can say for sure that Arise is my family. It is a home within a home. I enjoy seeing everyone happy and healthy and I know that what I do contributes to the healthy growth of the people I am working with, especially the young growing students. This is a job for me with a purpose, and I am forever grateful for the school for giving me this great opportunity” 

There is always plenty of love and a cup of tea ready for Lazaro at Arise.  In particular, everyone very much appreciates his contribution to the tasty, nutritious and healthy meals that they enjoy.  A big “Asante sana” Lazaro from us all.