Africa's Children in Education

The Breakfast Boogie Tanzanian Style!

In one of our blogs last October, we wrote about how the children of Cronton C of E Primary School, very generously donated the collections from their Harvest Services to ACE. As part of the younger children’s Harvest Assembly, children, staff, parents and other visitors wholeheartedly joined in singing, dancing and clapping to one of the songs that the children had learned – The Breakfast Boogie. It was great fun.

A few weeks later, we were back at Arise School. In the short time that we were there, would it be possible to teach the children The Breakfast Boogie, record it and take it back to show the Cronton children? It was quite a challenge but we did it! The Arise children loved the opportunity to sing and dance. They really entered into the spirit of it.

When we returned to Cronton School after our trip, the children and staff were delighted to see the video and how the Arise children had embraced it. A true example of how song and dance provide a “feel good” factor and can unite us all!