"Buy a Breakfast" Appeal

Judy was trying to learn at school on an empty tummy!

Like so many of the pupils at Arise Community School, she was going to bed hungry each night.

Her school is located in a very poor area. For too many children, the porridge they were given at school for their mid-morning break was their only meal of the day. Malnutrition amongst the children was clear to see with their swollen tummies. Their teachers explained that not having enough to eat means they cannot concentrate in class and even become dizzy.

Following the success of our "Buy a Breakfast" appeal, with your help, we are changing this. But we need to be able to continue to do so.

A single gift of just £20 will "buy a breakfast" for one child for every day of the school year!

A standing order of £10 per month will "buy a breakfast" for 6 children for the whole school year!

Many of us take food for granted. Sadly, this is not the case for Judy and so many of the pupils at Arise Community School.

Your gift of food will remove the children from hunger, help them to learn and improve their chances of making the most of their education.

In fact, you’re buying much more than breakfast.

You are giving children like Judy a better chance in life.

Thank you for your help to make that possible.


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